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Mental Health Service

Many people will experience a mental health-related problem or mental illness at some point in their lives. The Powassan & Area Family Health Team has Mental Health Clinicians to assist people at these times. Family doctors and the Social or Mental health Worker work together to help people with mental health related problems. These Mental Health Services are available to people of all ages, including children, teens, adults and seniors. The Powassan & Area Family Health Team continues to build links to other Mental Health Clinicians in the community to provide you the best care available.

Family doctors may make referrals to the Mental Health Clinicians when individuals are experiencing new symptoms such as anxiety or depression, or when they are having difficulty coping with recent life events. The Mental Health Clinicians operate in conjunction with the Family Physicians using a shared care model and information is shared between the Physicians and the Mental Health Clinicians.

Patients can also be referred to the Mental Health Clinicians for counselling. Most often the referral is to help the patient deal with immediate problems they may be experiencing. Counselling focuses on helping change the way patients deal with troubling thoughts or fears. Patients may have up to six or eight sessions of therapy to work towards achieving goals that the patient and counsellor set together.

Children and Adolescents:
While we provide assessment services for this age group we rely on treatment services in the community that specialize in this age group.

Other information:
These services are part of the Family Health Team care and are offered at no cost to patients of the PAAFHT.

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507 Main Street, Powassan, ON P0H 1Z0 | 705-724-1020